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We are a well established family-run business with a combined experience of over 30 years dealing with all Volkswagens. As well as being a business it is a hobby we are all VW enthusiasts. alt We specialise in servicing using all genuine VAG parts, you get the same service and quality as you would from a main dealer. We work on all makes and models, from 1950 to date.

Recycling Policy

At Dubparts we are very much aware of the environment and we try to be as green as possible.

Over the last few years we have managed to up our recycling so that 93% of all our waste is recycled, this is a big achievement which we are very proud of and this is some of the ways we do it.

All waste fluids, engine & gear box oil, brake fluid etc all goes into a clean air burner, which in turn heats our work unit in the winter months. As well as a benefit to our environment it is also a benefit to you as we now don’t have the need to charge a waste oil fee.

All metal waste parts are saved up and go to a metal recycling plant.

We have found a company that recycles old battery’s they collect from us once a month.

All cardboard boxes & packaging gets recycled.

Plastic where able is recycled via green recycling bins. 

Service parts are supplied at competitive prices and are mostly genuine original equipment, or of German manufacture, thus maintaining build-quality and reliability. Hoping we can help with your requirements!


Why use us?
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  • We use Genuine VAG Parts
  • We are Eco Friendly and all the old parts are recycled!
  • We enjoy our work and are passionate about VW
  • We are a friendly reliable local business who care


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